mercredi 16 février 2011

Table of contents


The new rules of the conference industry regarding

1. Finding the best topics for your conference
2. Attracting the best speakers
3. Enabling your conference to be sold-out, in terms of registrations and exhibition spaces
4. Adding significant revenues
5. Making your president happy
6. Making your next conference the most memorable one for your participants
7. Getting the power to stay on top and turn the stress away, on demand

Immediate Trainings and Worksheets

19 step-by-step trainings for immediate results
12 Worksheets

Editor Review

The Editor Review


Overall the book is a well-written and informative guide that should prove useful for readers looking to make the most of new technologies and approaches in planning conferences and trade shows.

Main Objective

"7 Spells" is a helpful, paradigm-shifting book that shines an intelligent light on the new "technology" of conference organization. Readers (conference organizers) who are mired in the traditional (meaning old-fashioned) way of putting together a conference or trade show would do well to utilize the training techniques and advice contained in this short but informative book.

Tone and Style

The professional, approachable tone and the solid writing gave the book a great deal of its authenticity, and despite the short length and the concise focus of the book's subject matter, the amount of information provided was surprisingly broad and thought provoking. The use of anecdotal examples and the emphasis on mastering seven "magical" steps/spells should provide reassuring guidance to even the most recalcitrant readers who are most likely to dismiss the use of Facebook or Twitter as being nothing more than a social affectation best left to teenagers and people with too much time on their hands.


The book contains a great deal of detailed information presented in a well-organized manner. The topics are divided into clear, concise sections. Readers should be able to easily locate and assimilate all of the information presented.